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Executive Summary Outline

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - This is the most important page in the plan since its objective is to get the investor or team member to want to discuss it with you further. The summary should be clear, concise and compelling and presented in a manner that captures the reader's attention. Limit the summary to 1-2 pages.

Executive Summary Outline -

Company & Technology Background
  • Company info & brief tech description, i.e. sustainable competitive advantage
  • Context for understanding core technology and unmet need –
    • This can be in the form of a Problem Statement. It may also describe your underlying technology and its stage of development.
  • Business model –The Company’s business model details what the company is trying to accomplish and how it intends to accomplish it.
The Market Opportunity
  • Describe the market need – provide some concrete evidence of demand
  • Target Customers -a profile of who your customers are and the set of wants and needs you're intending to satisfy
  • Industry Structure/Marketplace opportunity - Describe the market size and trends and how you are positioned to take advantage of it.
    • Typically VC’s need to see an opportunity to address a large market.
  • Commercialization Strategy – Briefly explain the process for getting to market and making money on the technology/product/service
    • This section is an elaboration on the your business model and can include alliance/strategic partners, product and/or service offerings, significant objectives and milestones, and opportunities for future growth; but can also include pricing strategy, promotional activities, distribution channels, most importantly, your strategy for overall marketplace positioning

Management Team
  • Introduce key players – discuss backgrounds as it relates to their new roles
  • Highlights and accomplishments – give any other information that enhances their credibility
Investment Summary
  • Amount and type of funding sought
  • Sources and uses of funds – include a discussion of milestones, which if attained would reduce an investor's perception of the risk involved, thereby increasing the valuation of the business
  • Abbreviated financial table

Mission & Vision Statement
  • Avoid emotionally loaded language, i.e. exciting, tremendous, etc.

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