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Frequently Asked Questions

Will incubator companies get to pick their own space? Spaces will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. However, this is negotiable.

Will the 2nd Floor be a wireless environment? Yes

Will the routers installed on the second floor be strong enough to sustain the entire floor? Yes.

Will SCI² allow my company to maintain access to its current Internet Service Provider (ISP)? All companies will be able to maintain their current ISP.

Who will hire the receptionist and when will the receptionist be available? The receptionist will be an SCI² employee. The receptionist will be hired when companies begin to move into the incubator.

What kinds of shared equipment will there be? The facility will include a copier, fax machine, overhead projector, computer projector and dedicated computer.

Who will be responsible for maintaining the firewall? The incubator companies will be responsible for maintaining their own firewalls at the Yonkers facility.

Will there be IT assistance onsite? What will they be contracted to do? Old Road Software will be providing onsite IT assistance for our network in Yonkers. They will assist the incubator companies with internet service provider contracts, pricing and installation, be the first line of contact for T1 and DSL down time or network problems, work with SCI² resident companies to insure that their internet connectivity needs are being met, respond to work requests within 1-2 hrs, with a maximum of 12 hrs, recommend backup and virus protection strategies, and recommend security and firewall strategies. These services will be provided by SCI² to the incubator companies free of charge.

How will privacy be maintained? Will high level executives in my company be able to communicate in private? Incubator companies are responsible for their own phone lines. CEOs may use the conference room for added privacy.

My company is seeking additional storage space. Will there be storage space available for extra systems equipment? This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

What type of security will the building have? There will be a Yonkers police precinct on site. Also, Pace security will monitor the facility via remote view software. In the event of a security concern, Pace security will contact Yonkers police. Security cameras will be installed throughout the facility. Access cards will be issued for the main entrance. nValley will provide locks and keys for each office.

Will building personnel be available to assist in moving furniture? There will be a building manager on site who will be able to provide assistance with obtaining personnel to move the furniture.

How much parking is available? SCI² has been allocated a set number of parking spaces. However, plenty of parking spaces will be available-there are two large parking lots at nValley.

Will videoconferencing be available? Videoconferencing will not be available during our initial phase of operation.

What kinds of fees will be charged for facilities services and amenities? The annual license fee. SCI² will charge a fee for basic facilities services which will include SCI² 's facilities management services, security service, utilities and computer connectivity. The facilities services fee will be based upon the number of square feet occupied by the incubator company.

Are there electric blueprints for the facility? There are no electronic blueprints of the space.

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