Second Century Innovation and Ideas
Pace University


Pace University has been a crucible of innovation since its founding in 1906 by the forward-thinking Pace brothers. Having tutored other young men preparing for the C.P.A. exam, Homer Pace decided to augment his accounting practice by offering a formal course in accounting and law. His brother, Charles Ashford Pace, an attorney, took the gamble on this new business with him, establishing Pace Institute. Founding this new venture as a business school for both men and women who aspired to a better life, the brothers established a model for modern education—and the traditions of innovation and opportunity have become the hallmarks of Pace as it has matured into a comprehensive private University.

One hundred years later, Pace has a growing reputation for offering its students opportunity, teaching and learning through research, civic involvement, an international perspective, and measurable outcomes. A significant tradition of Pace University is its durable relationship with business, civic, and community organizations. Offering special programs and services to neighboring institutions and corporate partners, the University gains strength in return from these partnerships and derives benefits for its students from the networks these relationships provide.

Approximately 14,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Lienhard School of Nursing, Lubin School of Business, School of Computer Science and Information Systems, School of Education, and Pace Law School. Now with its small business incubator, Second Century Innovations and Ideas (SCI²), Pace works to leverage the University's knowledge capital to help businesses and communities.

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