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Incubator Companies


David’s Communications, Inc. was formed in May 2002 to leverage the management’s extensive international relationships, both carrier and customer, and network operations experience in the deployment of international voice networks. The Company is licensed facilities based carrier headquartered in New York, with a Network Operations Center and switching facilities in China, and also has a point of presence in NY. David’s Communications network is providing "next generation" packet based telephony and value added services to carriers, businesses and individuals in the US and throughout the world. Recent advances in Internet Protocol ("IP") telephony technology, coupled with China telecommunications deregulation have created an opportunity for emerging multinational carriers such as David’s Communications  to exploit cost advantages over existing monopoly carriers in the $700 billion worldwide telecommunications marketplace.

Homeland Energy Resources Development, Inc. (Homeland Energy) is a New York corporation that develops power production facilities using multiple, clean sources of energy. The Company began operations in 2001 as a joint venture of Renard Properties, a real-estate development and management company, and HRST Inc., an energy and environmental business and finance consultancy. Homeland Energy incorporates in its projects every recognized and tested green energy technology – including biofuel, biomass, fuel-cell, geothermal, solar, sustainable hydropower, and wind. Homeland Energy has offices in New York City (headquarters), Albany, Syracuse, and Rockaway, NJ, and works with clients in the advisory and development phases of renewable energy projects. The Company typically serves in either of two capacities: 1) as the lead developer in a renewable energy installation project or 2) as an advisor to clean energy manufacturers, real estate owners/developers, energy plant installers, or other companies interested in renewable energy projects. In either role, Homeland Energy will:
- Evaluate the current energy usage on site;
- Survey the region for all possible renewable energy sources;
- Develop an optimal plan for energy production and energy savings;
- Line up financing through private and public sources; and
- Bring in partners to build and manage energy production facilities.

NationPhone (NP) delivers savings, flexibility and service to expatriate  workers worldwide. NP has been developing and providing advanced VoIP phone services for foreign professionals and workers located outside their respective home countries (expatriates). With a unique VoIP services offering, users experience dramatic reductions of their international phone bills, as high as 600%, increased convenience and productivity while abroad.

VMIX Corporation is a digital media company that specializes in the creation of original audio/visual content serving the music, television and urban entertainment communities.  The VMIX website, mix videos, DVDs, and audio/visual presentations are designed to connect the company’s urban target audience through high-quality original-content entertainment that captivates audiences listening and visual attention.  VMIX production and digital media services create solutions for clients wishing to integrate consumer messaging into unique and attention-grabbing multi-sensory formats.
The company’s primary assets include its mastery of cutting edge digital mastering technologies coupled with extensive industry contacts allowing access to the latest and most popular audio and visual content.

AudioBand is a patented lightweight, cordless, digital audio headphone containing a solid state MP3 player and FM radio. The patent defends the use of a cordless audio headphone with a slot for removable memory. The first model AudioBandTM headphone, the AudioBandTM AB-1000, is packaged with a commonly available 128MB removable flash memory card (capable of storing three albums of music) and is sold at retail for less than $120.  Increased storage capacity can be achieved by simply purchasing a higher capacity memory card as an alternative to purchasing a replacement product with greater memory.  A 1GB memory card can be purchased for under $50 and is rapidly decreasing in price.  The current Model AB-1000 will be expanded into a range of new products, which can include video viewing capability, using U.S. Patent No. 6,466,677 B1 as a cornerstone.


Think Impossible
Think Impossible is a new media / new technology advertising agency. Its objective is to fill the marketing void that financial services companies face, created by the combination of television viewers not watching ads and the change in the nature of much of the financial services business from personal interaction to computer transactions. The company’s products are business reality/entertainment programs that use television and the internet in combination.

RealMarkets is a web-based one-stop resource for understanding regional value trends in the real estate market. Compiling and analyzing various sources of data, RealMarkets can help the residential real estate investor or family in the process of relocation find the best area to focus their search. In addition, linkage to real estate agents will help make the search process seamless - reducing the time and effort necessary to find the appropriate property.

Yonet is an experienced and proven operator and solution provider. It is the biggest e-ticket issuer in the world with 3.2 million tickets totalling US $50 million in 2005. The company installed and operates 77 Self Ticketing Machines in 36 major railroad and KTX stations throughout Korea. Our company is now in the process of developing Everland’s Self Ticketing Machine for Theme Park reservations. These new parks will be opened in March 2007. Yonet is now also concentrating on developing a Self Ticketing Machine that can be used by inserting cash.

Zero in Media
ZeroIn Media, LLC (ZIM) operates a nationwide digital media entertainment and ad space network of video display screens that are strategically placed in heavily trafficked public places where large volumes of viewers are captive and congregate. ZIM is in the forefront of this digital media revolution that is the most talked about and most highly anticipated transformation in media since the internet. Our network's video screens are a combination of large LED screens like the ones found in Times Square, traditional television sets and high-resolution flat panel Plasma/LCD screens similar to the ones that are extremely popular now in the consumer market. Our existing network of digital displays now reaches nearly 45 million viewers annually.


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