Second Century Innovation and Ideas

Pace University

SCI² Selection Committee Outline

SCI² prospects that are asked to present to the SCI² Selection Committee should prepare a 10 minute formal presentation. A 5 minute Q/A session will follow.

Your powerpoint presentation should cover the following topics:

1. management team (include brief bio)
2. company history (start date, achievements along the way, etc)
3. value proposition (problem/solution)
4. business model (alliance partners, revenue source, etc.)
5. technology and products
6. marketing plan (how do you plan to sell your product?)
7. competition
8. financial snap shot (as included in application)
9. anticipated benefits of SCI²

There should be one slide per presentation topic.

We will discuss your presentation before the Committee presentation so we can provide you with some insights of what will be asked and what to expect.

The venue is Pace University 's Midtown Campus located at 551 Fifth Avenue. It's at the corner of 45 th Street.

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