Second Century Innovation and Ideas
Pace University

The Selection Process

SCI² hosts monthly informational breakfasts at our 163 William St. facility in Manhattan. These breakfasts are free and open to the public and it is an opportunity for you to meet our staff, take a tour of the facility, network with other entrepreneurs, and decide if SCI² is right for your business. The informational breakfasts are usually held on the last Friday of each month. Please see our calendar for a schedule of our upcoming breakfasts and other events.

The application process begins when you submit your executive summary to SCI². After you have submitted your executive summary, we will contact you to find out a little more about your business and invite you to fill out a formal application for admission. After you submit your application, we will review it and if it meets our criteria, we will invite you to present before our Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee meets bi-monthly and makes a decision within 1-2 months after your application has been received. Please see our calendar for a schedule of our upcoming Selection Committee meetings.

Following acceptance of the Selection Committee, potential companies will undergo a due diligence process (lasting 60 days after SCI² receives all required info). Companies who pass the due diligence process will be resubmitted to our Selection Committee for final approval followed by a formal invitation to enter SCI².

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